This is a site dedicated to a story that was inspired by two images, which you can see on this page. It's a fantasy story about a fantasy world that contains more than just dragons. Although we will be following a particular dragon at first, I plan on writing other stories that give us the viewpoint of the other races, and eventually combine together in a culmination of awesomeness. I'll be uploading a new chapter as often as I can be bothered too, so feel free to comment on the comments page, and please keep any dis
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Drawn by Keawolf.

cussions on topic. Also, please do not edit any of the pages that contain the story, trolls Will be IP banned. Enjoy.
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Drawn by Keawolf.

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Keawolf is a good friend of mine, and hopefully she will be willing to give us more awesome pictures in the future. From what I was told, she was planning on writing her own graphic novel based off of the two pictures that are labled as her work. I'll try to provide a link if she ever responds to me. I was asked to give her some story advice, because for some reason she thinks i'm a great writer. To be completely honest, once I saw her pictures the insparation literally struck me out of thin air. I started with an intro, which became a chapter, which became three chapters, which eventually became the story you shall (hopefully) be reading.

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Race Overview: Elves

Race Overview: Dwarves

Race Overview: Trolls

Race Overview: Orcs

Race Overview: Ursaren

Race Overview: Kato

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The Legend of Alaron BlazewingEdit

The Tale of Sadron LocienEdit

The WarEdit

  • Chapter 10: The War Begins


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